pregnancy yoga in MatlockPregnancy Yoga in Matlock

Yoga is an ideal practice for pregnant women. A combination of physical exercise, effective breath techniques and relaxation practices. All focused specifically on creating the space for yourself and your baby to grow and develop together in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Through Yoga we can begin to link conscious awareness of the breath with conscious movement of the body and begin to connect with our intuitive wisdom, to what our bodies know we need to do. This core function of Yoga can help in the transition to motherhood and in the delivery of your baby, from a source of strength and wisdom rather than fear and anxiety.

Yoga during pregnancy can help:

  • maintain physical health
  • relieve some common minor ailments experienced during pregnancy
  • access breathing techniques that can help both during pregnancy and labor
  • give time and space for essential rest and relaxation

There are no pregnancy classes currently running, please contact me for more information.


You can download the registration and health questionnaire and bring it to the class or you can complete one of these when you attend.

Please note:

It is recommended that you can begin attending yoga classes for pregnancy after 15 weeks from the beginning of your pregnancy and it is advisable that you check with your GP or midwife before attending. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns or to discuss any particular health issues. I look forward to hearing from you.