A Fusion of Yoga & Dance


BHAKTI DANCE  is a physical and spiritual practice which I have developed to incorporate my love of both Yoga and Dance.

Yoga is the science and art of the Union of the individual with the ‘Ultimate’.  This Union is something to be realised, experienced and expressed rather than needing to be generated or attained.

Why Bhakti? 

The sanskrit root of BHAKTI is bhaj meaning ‘to  engage with affection’.  The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion is a generally accepted translation and understanding of Bhakti Yoga.  The goal of Bhakti Yoga is the realisation of the union of the individual with the ‘Ultimate’ the ‘Divine’ 'Ultimate Consciousness’. Bhakti doesn’t ask you to believe in anything, God, Allah, Krishna – whoever or whatever. If you do have a belief, fine if not, also fine!

The concept of this practice is that through the practices of Yoga and Dance we are able to achieve the cessation of individual identification with the separate self, moving beyond the 'I', the 'doer', towards the connection with the ultimate, the Divine.  The divine resides in everything and everyone. Deep at our core this is what we can touch and in doing so we can loosen our grip on the sense of our individuality, our separateness and unite with each other and with the whole. 

If you are moved to Dance as a form of self expression and you are interested in the concepts and philosophy which underpins Yoga, then this is a practice which I hope you will enjoy and find fulfilling.

When dance ceases to be a spectator activity, concerned with performance subject to the judgement of ourselves and others and becomes an experience lead, internal dynamic between body, mind and spirit.  We can create the space for the merging of, the loss of, our 'self' , with the ultimate consciousness. We become at once, greater than and less than our individual self as we allow the divine to reside in our consciousness by releasing the our grip on the ego, the individual consciousness. Whatever form our practice takes, this should be our ultimate goal or intention. 


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Saturday 10th October 2015
Lytham Methodist Church, Park Street, Lytham, LANCS FY8
10AM until 4.30PM
Bring your own lunch (refreshments will be provided)
Cost: 30.oo
Book/Information: contact Natya Rupa (Sharon Mayfield) 0781 7741 737


Saturday 14th November 2015
Location: Imperial Rooms, Matlock, Derbys DE4 3NL
10am until 4.30pm
Bring your own lunch (refreshments will be provided)
Cost: 30.00
Book/Information: Contact Natya Rupa (Sharon Mayfield) 07817741737




“Dance your devotion

Dance until the dancer disappears

Dance until you shatter yourself”